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Imagine having a savings account that generates a return 50 times greater than what your average savings accounts does? Good news, it's not too far off as a reality thanks to what a company called Concreit is trying to do. CEO Sean Hsieh took some time to explain the challenges in making commercial real estate an accessible asset class for the average person (industry term "retail investor") and what he's working to do to change that. They're creating a mobile first platform that will allow you to invest as little as a dollar at a time into commercial real estate assets—with no minimum holding period. There will be a small transaction fee, but the liquidity will be near equivalent to any standard savings account. I love the concept because it would allow me to put my money to work, in a better way, as I save up for making larger investments a year or two down the line. Also, let's not forget the creative name, Concreit—with "REIT" built into the name. We discuss the importance of marketing and branding for services that are looking to attract the retail customer as well.

Show Notes

Co-founder, Jordan Levy, previously built and sold Flowroute with Sean Hsieh.

Concreit is a micro-investing platform for commercial real estate that keeps your money flexible. We aim to create a stable and predictable return for investors by accessing private real estate investments & lending opportunities that are not publicly traded.

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