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Listen as Don and Randy begin a new side project together from problem/solution explanation, planning, and build approach. We aim to reduce the product scope and target a quicker launch of the prototype.

Show Notes

* Build a system where multiple users can send text messages to a single, central service
* This service sends all of these texts to a chat service (testing with Slack)
* People can send SMS messages in, and Slack will send out an SMS message
* If the system doesn't recognize the SMS number, it allows the user to associate a name
* We aim to reduce scope so that the prototype can launch sooner than later
* We discuss whether we use a proprietary database, like Firebase, or an open source approach, like MongoDB
* We discuss the archival of all messages and building an interface to review and filter those recorded messages
* Our goal is to get a prototype launched so that Don can show this tool to similar firms that may be able to use it
* An eventual goal is to build a web-based chat app instead of using Slack, but we recognize that most construction-related firms won't be using an existing chat-based system

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