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Travis Mateer and co-host Tim Adams discuss local impacts crime, addiction, mental health issues and failing policies of diversion touted by County Attorney's, like Kirsten Pabst.

Show Notes

Here are some relevant links:  Pabst Hides Behind Reasonable Person Standard To Explain Not Prosecuting Budding Psychopath Josh Paniagua; The Power Of The Prosecutor:  Missoula's Amy Klobuchar; Is Missoula County Attorney Developing A Secondary Trauma Card For Prosecutors?; Missoula County Attorney's Office Reviews Drug Dealer's Right To Stab His Customer To Death; Violent Crime Is Not The Same As Criminal Case Filings; and, finally (but not exhaustively), here is jhwygirl's post from 4&20 Blackbirds: Former Chief Deputy Attorney Kirsten Pabst Lashes Out At Missoulian/Florio Rape Coverage.

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