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There’s a misconception that salary transparency will hurt businesses, but that is not the case. In this episode, Hannah Williams explains how her own career journey made her realize something needed to change, inspiring her to create Salary Transparent Street. Hannah shares her perspective on the benefits of salary transparency for employees and for businesses, and she opens up about the experience of turning a viral TikTok account into a business. 

Episode Recap:
  • In this episode we’re talking with Hannah Williams of Salary Transparency Street (0:00:51)
  • Can you tell us about your background leading up to today? (0:02:20)
  • Colleges aren’t preparing people to negotiate for themselves (0:12:40)
  • Work is a business decision for you and for your employer (22:52)
  • Salary requirements aren’t a fair metric (25:28)
  • Why is salary transparency important? (29:03)
  • How did you turn Salary Transparent Street into a profitable business? (36:12)
  • What is it like to work with an agent? (43:07)
  • There’s this misconception that regulation around salary is bad (47:50)
  • How to keep up with Hannah (1:03:59)



“Work was not just a business relationship, it was a business decision on both sides. There’s profit and loss that comes into that. And ultimately when a company hires you, they’re not hiring you because they like you. They’re hiring you to complete a job, and they’re hiring you to pay a certain number. They have access to the same data that I do, market research. So they would know whether or not they’re paying a fair market rate, the same way that I realized I wasn’t getting it. And that was really disappointing, because I trusted my employer. I liked them, I was really proud to work for them. And that changed almost overnight.”

“I did an interview with a company and they asked me the question that really got me fixated on salary transparency: ‘What are your salary requirements?’ And I realized, this question, I get it in every interview. And every single time I get it, I feel the responsibility to say what I think I should be paid, and whether that’s fair or not is placed on me instead of the company.”

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