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Host Nick Firer tackles Supercomputer by Edward Packard.

You, the protagonist are awarded a state-of-the-art (for 1984) supercomputer for winning a science fair, because that’s a thing that happens!!!

What will You, the protagonist, do with this supercomputer? The only limit is your imagination...and 1984 sci-fi technology...and the words on the page. Be sure to read the instructions!

We find out what’s in store for You, the protagonist, with help from friends: musician Brian Bayer (No Dice), comedian and producer Laura Holterman (Variety Hour Happy Hour), and comedian Stacy Pawlowski (Shakespeare Raw, Dinner Detective).

Show Notes

It's a Choose Your Own Adventure podcast! Join us as each week as we follow the protagonist through their adventures with their brand new, shiny supercomputer! Our cast chooses the path of the story as they're faced with challenging choices that change the path of the story. 

See how the first episode unfolds and what craziness we put our protagonist through!

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What is Turn to Page Fun | By Sexy Hackers Clothing?

Comedian Nick Firer reviews multiple endings books with help from a rotating panel of friends, including some of the Midwest's most talented comedians, authors and actors and so-and-so's in the entertainment industry.

Help our panel of pals navigate the choices of these delightful adventures and never make a bad decision! Produced and published by Sexy Hackers Clothing, copyright 2019 - all rights reserved.