The Great Reset

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Ernie and David wrestle with the "intellectual" vs "incarnational" senses of the term 'modeling discipleship'

Show Notes

To escape from a confused chat thread, David rephrased three concerns he had about Ernie's proposed topic for this coming Tuesday (1/5/2021) on The Great Reset:
  1. It does not provide continuity, or address open problems
  2. Ernie seems to be placing all the responsibility on David, rather than sharing it
  3. The goal should be to model (live out) discipleship, and Ernie's proposal doesn't seem to accomplish what his proposal attempted, i.e. establishing a baseline he can use to hold people's feet to the fire (and vice versa) 
Ernie clarified that he did intend to address #1, apologized for #2, and expressed curiosity about how #3 interacted with what he would present.  David then worried that Ernie was placing too much pressure on himself by attempting to address all of that!. Ernie blithely reassured him that this is how he does his best work -- by raising expectations he does yet know how to fulfill!

Will this work?  Or come back to bite him? Stay tuned to find out!


What is The Great Reset?

Exploring how the Body of Christ should relate after being "reset" by COVID-19. The companion podcast to The Great Reset public discipleship group on YouTube: