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In today’s episode each of us share a story of an experience we had that was somehow important - one of those experiences that seemed to be full of life, where we truly noticed something special about what was happening. They’re all tied together, but maybe in surprising ways.

Here are a few things to listen for in today’s episode.
Why were these awesome? What made these experiences memorable or important?
What experiences have you had that you would put in this category?

What is Sandbox Cooperative Podcast?

In an often contentious, fractured society, Sandbox Cooperative seeks to build an extended community of listeners; knocking down walls of division with curiosity and conversation. Twice a month we explore topics that people are actually talking about, considering them through a lens of spirituality, humor and discovery. You’ll discover a permission giving platform to explore new ideas with an ever-growing perspective of our world, and as the hosts regularly say, “there is always more room in the Sandbox.”