Fate of Isen: A Kiwi D&D Podcast

After saving the Brutewall refugees from a pack of wyverns, the Squadeth is confronted by their most cold and sinister foe yet.

Show Notes

Trestlespoon, Arcus, and Marley are now tasked with the protection of a thousand Brutewall refugees, including two powerful wielders from the distant past, Phendell and Derris Torchwood. Will they keep them safe from those who seek their death? 

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Intro, outro, and recap music by freesound user, Tyops

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What is Fate of Isen: A Kiwi D&D Podcast?

The Fate of Isen is a fun and loose actual-play podcast from Aotearoa New Zealand. Join the quest as incredibly unlikely heroes (played by kiwi comedians) fumble their way through saving the world of Isen. There are empires, gods, demons, giant kiwi, and so much more!

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Ranked as one of the top D&D podcasts in the world.