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This week, we're excited to announce our new episode format, STUDY BREAK, in which we take a hiatus from our usual fact-finding and forecasting to discuss trending topics and events in our orbit (many requested by you, our listeners!). In the inaugural episode of this series, we discuss the miscellany of this year's Met Gala, The Hunger Games saga as perma-reference, the slay mama brainrot of Charli XCX's "360," the spectrum of psychosexuality from YZY Porn to Challengers, blokette Vogue employees, BBL Drizzy, and much, much more.

Met Gala Eat the Rich content
Blokette Vogue employee
Charli XCX – 360 (Official Video)
Zendaya's Louboutin So Kates
Doja Cat and Guram Gvasalia in NYC

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