The Tax Chick Podcast

The #1 question I get asked by business owners is, "Should I incorporate?"
My answer, "It depends."
On this episode of the podcast, Erin and I chat about her journey to incorporation - including a candid discussion on overcoming some of the fears that almost stopped her from taking the leap.

Show Notes

I decided to dedicate the month of July to a discussion about incorporation - starting with a conversation with my friend, Erin Romeo - founder and principal strategist at Pivot Turn Consulting.

Erin shares her personal story of her journey to incorporation - from her time as a litigation lawyer, to creating her own business.   We talk about the tax advantages to incorporation (6:15) as well as the “tax-adjacent” issues you need to keep in mind (i.e., think cash flow!), and we also discuss what it takes to actually incorporate, and the importance of involving advisors early on (16:58).  Finally, Erin shares with us what it means to have a dynamic decision-making model for your business (25:37).



What is The Tax Chick Podcast?

Tax is complex, but it does not always have to be so complicated and shrouded in mystery. Host Amanda Doucette is a self-proclaimed foodie, spin class and Pilates enthusiast, and a tax lawyer. She fell into the practice of tax law despite having a life-long hatred of spreadsheets, math and numbers in general. Join Amanda and her guests as they unpack some serious Canadian tax topics and attempt to demystify the world of tax.