Rebel Mothers

Welcome to the premiere episode of Rebel Mothers! In today’s episode, Susie gives more background context to who she is, why this podcast came to be in existence, and what you can expect in episodes to come.

Topics include:
  • Personal backstory
  • The difference between motherhood as an institution and mothering as an act of liberation
  • What you can expect in episodes to come
Resources mentioned:
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What is Rebel Mothers?

"Rebel Mothers" challenges the stifling institution of modern motherhood and reclaims mothering as an act of liberation. Each episode we’ll explore the struggles and expectations mothers face in a world built to exploit them, unveil the systematic institutions that create these challenges, and develop strategies for dismantling these oppressive systems. We'll shed light on the intersectionality of motherhood, addressing the unique struggles faced by women of diverse backgrounds. And we’ll hear inspiring stories of fearless women who are redefining the narrative of motherhood.