Conservatives' Guide

On the Right, we Conservatives have a problem. We often seem to hate evil more than we seem to love good. Given the genuinely outrageous intentions exhibited by the Left, this is no surprise. But, it is a mistake. Truth, history, and human nature are on our side. Freedom is the answer to every current problem. As we stand for human freedom, we should be joyful as we fight, not merely angry.

Show Notes

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What is Conservatives' Guide?

The American media is no longer neutral, instead, they use their megaphone to influence American power. The ideals of America have been hijacked by people who otherwise dislike or hate American Ideology. The left presents a 'my way or the highway' argument and for decades conservatives have been letting them be—choose to ignore the ignorance. We’ve reached the tipping point and must change our very nature to fight against the liberty stripping ideals. This Podcast is meant as a tool for common sense conservatives to arm themselves against the onslaught of negativity.