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As we reflect on The Leaders' Briefing 2021, we ask... Why is Zoe Carter of ITV feeling uncomfortable? What did Dalet's Ewan Johnston - and the supplier community at large - learn from hearing their customers' top priorities? And how is the DPP's new Editorial Director coping working alongside Mark and Rowan?

Show Notes

With 31 media companies presenting their top strategic priorities, The Leaders' Briefing had a lot to digest. So now the dust has settled, Rowan sat down with a trio of guests to reflect on what they learned, and talk about what they're excited for in the year ahead.

In this episode, enabled by Dalet, DPP CTO Rowan de Pomerai speaks to:

Zoe Carter, Director of Business Transformation, Content Supply and Distribution, ITV

Ewan Johnston, Director of Strategic Alliances and Partners, Dalet

Edward Qualtrough, the DPP's new Editorial Director

Watch The Leaders' Briefing on demand here, and read the summary report here. We'll see you in the new year!

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