Evangelism In A Post-COVID World

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Are you tired of putting up a brave face? Is there more to acceptance than just asserting who I am?

Show Notes

Evangelism In A Post-COVID World gets more personal as this episode explores why we can feel stressed, anxious and depressed.

Tune in to City Bible Forum evangelist, Sam Chan, as he explains how those feelings might also inform the way we witness to those around us.

What is Evangelism In A Post-COVID World?

What effect will the COVID-19 Pandemic have on evangelism? The world is still bracing itself for fresh outbreaks, but it pays for Christians to have a glance over the horizon and see what this crisis is teaching us about the spread of the Gospel.

City Bible Forum evangelist and author Sam Chan lays out a 'playbook' which considers the pieces which will enable you to share Jesus in a post-COVID world because things aren't going back to the way they were.

COVID-19 has left us scrambling as we’ve pivoted to online church, online small groups and online one to ones but what does post-COVID life look like? How will COVID affected our message, our posture and our practice?

Drawn from an excellent series of City Bible Forum vidoes, this episode of Evangelism In A Post-COVID World aims to help you prepare yourself for the conversations to come.