The Negotiation

In this episode of The Negotiation, we are delighted to welcome back Jacob Cooke, Co-Founder and CEO of WPIC Marketing + Technologies. Jacob is based in Beijing where he oversees the China and broader APAC operations for WPIC. 
Jacob recently returned to China after a summer trip to Canada, so we thought it would be a great time to bring him back on the show to share what he’s seeing on the ground in China and APAC’s e-commerce landscape. 
After sharing his thoughts on China’s domestic and international travel sector, Jacob dives into the narrative around weak consumption in China. Jacob refutes this narrative, emphasizing that there is robust growth in several consumer sectors. We also discuss Alibaba’s performance and leadership shuffle, as well as the latest Li Jiaqi scandal, before turning to a discussion of the e-commerce markets in South Korea and Southeast Asia.
Topics Discussed and Key Points:
●      Chinese travel in the new normal
●      The ongoing e-commerce boom in China
●      Lesser-known cities experiencing enormous growth in China, such as Hangzhou and Dalian
●      Analyzing earnings reports and financial statements to gain insights into the Chinese market
●      Alibaba's leadership transition
●      The e-commerce markets in South Korea and Southeast Asia
●      TikTok's rise in Southeast Asia

What is The Negotiation?

Despite being the world’s most potent economic area, Asia can be one of the most challenging regions to navigate and manage well for foreign brands. However, plenty of positive stories exist and more are emerging every day as brands start to see success in engaging and deploying appropriate market growth strategies – with the help of specialists.

The Negotiation is an interview show that showcases those hard-to-find success stories and chats with the incredible leaders behind them, teasing out the nuances and digging into the details that can make market growth in APAC a winning proposition.