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In this episode of History Gems, Dr Nicola Tallis is joined by leading military historian and author Dr Michael Jones to explore the story of the Black Prince and his famous ruby. But was it really a ruby!? Listen to find out.

Nicola and Michael also delve into the history of the ruby, including what happened to it during World War Two.

For images of the Black Prince’s ruby, follow the podcast at @historygemspod on Twitter and Instagram.

What is History Gems?

Welcome to History Gems, the podcast that follows historian and author Dr Nicola Tallis as she seeks to unpick the stories behind some of history's most famous and intriguing jewels.

With a different expert on every episode, Nicola delves into a daring attempt to steal the Crown Jewels, the secrets of a supposedly cursed diamond, the creation of the world's most famous Easter eggs, and plenty more.

Check out @historygemspod on social media to see pictures of each week's gems!

Nicola's books include:
Crown of Blood: The Deadly Inheritance of Lady Jane Grey
Elizabeth's Rival: The Tumultuous Tale of Lettice Knollys, Countess of Leicester
Uncrowned Queen: The Fateful Life of Margaret Beaufort, Tudor Matriarch

Find her on social media:
Twitter: @NicolaTallis
Instagram: @historian_nicola