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Decipher the Meaning of Your Sickness

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Awaken Intuitive Gifts with Akasha and Louise Matson who powerfully shares how "It’s Time to Be Unapologetically You!"

You will learn:
How the failures in your life might be perfect and lead to more joy
How there are consequences to accepting and being yourself, and there are gifts
The great awakening is an accelerated time and we can
What is unconditional love
What has unconditional love got to do with Sovereignty?
What has Unconditional love got to do with the Great Awakening?

“Once upon a time our intuition was the quiet voice of our truth that whispered to us through the sea of external truths. The small internal voice of truth we often and easily ignored is now raising in volume as the awakening raises our frequency
to come more in alignment with our truth.” - Louise Matson

Louise is an intuitive conscious channel, conduit for energy healing, best-selling co-author, way shower, and spiritual mentor and guide. She is the host of the Mundane to Magical Online Series and assists you to ‘Stand In Your Sovereignty’! That's freedom and then power, purpose, and more come alive in your life.

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