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Sometimes people try to help, and sometimes we respond not in kind.

Show Notes

I was trying to warn someone that if they parked on a street that they would be towed. This was a specially designated Tow-Away Zone during a sporting event. The authorities watch this street during sporting events. The reaction I got from the individual was….not pleasant. I just went on my way at this moment. It’s weird though, it stuck with me since then.

I kept trying to figure out did I say the wrong thing? I wanted to help them avoid a tow. Sometimes I’m in a frame of mind and not ready to hear something. This individual was trying to get to this event. They were frustrated. My comment wasn’t offering a solution, it was barring them from their destination. I almost went on by this individual. I wanted to avoid them getting towed, as I have gotten a ticket in a similar situation. I didn’t want to be that bystander who does nothing either.

I hope my initial reaction in a situation isn’t to be like the individual. I can’t say that there is no situation where I haven’t or wouldn’t respond like this. That’s the other part that still is tugging at me. Others have tried to help me, and I have brushed them off.

Where are the tow-away zones in your life? Who are the people trying to help you? What is your reaction? Maybe, just maybe, we can tow-away negativity, remove that initial gut-reaction that wells up inside of us in moments of frustration. I mean, I want to avoid parking fines. Things are expensive enough as it is.

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