How Creative People Make Money

Rasoul was first introduced to vintage toy collecting as a kid by his grandparents who were avid collectors. Like many, Rasoul didn’t initially think his hobby was something you could make a living from. However, in this episode you’ll learn how he figured out how to do just that. He also shares some insider tips that will help anyone looking to get started in the vintage toy business. Or maybe you’re just interested in learning about a great place to buy vintages toys. Either way, it’s all waiting for you in today’s episode!

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What is How Creative People Make Money?

Creative & Artistic people are coming up with the craziest and most interesting ways to make money all over the world! But where can you go to learn what they're doing and how they're doing it? Well, it's your lucky day - because that's what the "How Creative People Make Money Podcast" is all about!