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In episode 35 of Espresso Hour, Ship 30 for 30 Captains Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole talk about writing for YouTube, reaching depth in your reps, and the need for anti-metrics.

(00:00)  Intro
(01:54)  It Takes At Least 7 Iterations To Learn A Lesson
(05:43)  Writing For YouTube Is A Different Ball Game
(11:49)  Increase The Depth Of Your Reps
(16:21)  Culture Is Built Through Example
(19:11)  Do The Easiest Obvious Thing
(24:01)  Every Metric Needs An Anti-Metric
(32:04)  Personal Updates


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What is The Espresso Hour?

In each episode, we share our insights, tactics, and lessons learned as we scale our writing education company to $10mm. If you're looking for "insider" tips to help you grow and scale your digital business, you're going to love The Espresso Hour!