Business as an Adventure

This week we speak with Documentary Family and Birth Photography Felicia Chang from Vancouver, Canada.

We go over her Quietly Loud Workshop which next runs online in January of 2021, info here:

Her involvement with the @diversifyphoto community, which is a community of BIPOC and non-Western photographers, editors, and visual producers looking to #changetheculture in the photography industry.

We also spend some time talking about personal projects near and dear to her heart, one of which completely blew us away due to the breadth and scope of the project.

And of course, we talk the business of creativity, and why documentary family photography is both important and a great way to make a living. In the words of Felicia herself, they are photos worth running into a burning building for.

Show Notes

You can see Felicia's beautiful work here:
And on Instagram here:

Felicia's Quietly Loud Documentary Photography Workshop here:

Find the Diversify Photo Community here:

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