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🇩🇿 This months #APSVibecheck Podcast episode features Kamel Haddar, CEO and Founder of temtem ONE, the 1st digital gift card solution for B2C and B2B in Algeria – a wide and curated offer of products and services for Diaspora and Businesses alongside a fintech offer of digital payment through QR codes and cashback programs. 

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💡 Top insights unpacked in the episode: 
  • Kamel's founder journey and insights that led building the Temtem One platform [0:13]
  • The balancing act of managing multiple startups and major commitments [01:56]
  • More about Kamel's involvement in the Algerian Talents and Leaders Association [03:23]
  • Lessons learned from working across different sectors in the startup world [04:08]
  • Building a successful "super app" for the sub-saharan market [05:01]
  • The importance of soft skills as a founder and leader [06:39]
  • Commonly misunderstood aspects of the Algerian tech ecosystem [07:37]
  • Most important skills founders should to hone in relation to AI and emerging markets [08:46]
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ARTICLE: Exclusive Q&A with temtem Founder and CEO Kamel Haddar following the close of their $4M Series A funding by Magnitt.

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