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In this week’s episode of The Boxoffice Podcast, co-hosts Daniel Loria and Rebecca Pahle talks about the latest quarterly earnings reports in the world of theatrical exhibition. For the feature segment, Rachel speaks with Vue International’s Tim Richards to talk about the use of AI in film programming and marketing.

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What to Listen For
  • 00:00 Intro
  • 04:00 Jason Reitman acquired Westwood’s Historic Village Theater
  • 05:47 Dune Part 2's box office success
  • 08:14 Recent earnings reports from cinema and entertainment companies
  • 13:06 Cineplex's AI-powered marketing strategies
  • 17:14 Cineplex vs. Landmark Cinemas
  • 21:29 The future of cinema
  • 24:09 Strategies for meeting audience expectations
  • 27:21 How AI shapes the future of moviegoing
  • 30:25 Is going to AI replace human curators?
  • 33:11 The revival of cinema post-pandemic

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