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I believe all of us are struggling to shoot long video. In episode 75, I am going to talk about how I can make longer videos. And to answer how long should videos be when we upload it to our channel. Keep listening homies!

Show Notes

Welcome to today's YouTube For Realtors WALK AND TALK 75 - I have so many things going through my head every day about YouTube for Realtors that I just want to get it all out! I get asked so many questions everyday and coach so many agents it's time to answer all of those in depth, on my walk to the gym!

In todays episode I do a deep dive into How The F Can I make Longer Videos (IS THERE TOO LONG?). Are you struggling to shoot long enough videos? How long should videos be? How the hell do I get these videos to go longer? What should I say to stay in these videos? We all been there when we are starting. We're going to kind of break into all the different styles of videos you can do and what you can do to increase the length. Sometimes having just a bunch of long videos it can hurt your channel if you're not getting the average view durations up, so there's a lot that goes into it. But I'm also going to simplify it as best as I can so that you can start making better, longer videos that get those longer average view durations that inevitably help you to rank your YouTube videos better, and then they get suggested more. Just like now, it took me so long to figure out that bit longer videos are better and you know when I was starting out, I couldn't get into a real estate room, facebook group anywhere in the world without them talking about shorter video. Nobody has attention spans. And that's because we were all doing awful, terrible videos that nobody cared about. Nobody could stand watching more than 60 seconds of that, so I had to break through that. 

A year ago, I started having this epiphany of thinking that if all my videos are 15-30 minutes long it's taking so much longer for my channel to take off. If you talk about longer average view durations and longer videos, then how would that slow your channel down especially starting out. I have a lot of just psychology behind it and starting so many channels I've just seen kind of what works, what doesn't and I think it's actually beneficial to have some shorter videos in that 8 to 12 minute range. There is something about when you go to YouTube and you type something in. Especially people, adults or people who can read. We are reading that title to make sure it fits too. We're checking the length of the videos even though we're on YouTube and they were there. It's weird when I'm searching how to do stuff on YouTube or even just work on the house like I typically try and find that thumbnails. It grabs our attention especially if we are trying to work on something, the arrow points exactly what we're looking at, but it's also the title, like the title is very, very important. An actual analytics and data a longer average view duration will help your YouTube channel and your videos. Now with other agents doing this, all over in the market we're trying to compete with them. That's also something we need to take into account is trying to get those average view durations up will help. More of my stories here on this episode stay tuned.

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