The Desert Island Investor

If a company that you invest in is under-performing, attending their Annual General Meeting gives you an opportunity to find out what they are doing to resolve any issues. In this episode Mark gives a blow-by-blow account of his discussion with the directors of Titon Holdings at their 2024 AGM.

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Creators & Guests

Mark Atkinson
Creator and host of The Desert Island Investor podcast and the Question in a Bottle sub-series of podcasts.
Paul Kerin
Producer and co-host of The Desert Island Investor podcast and the Message in a Bottle podcast series.

What is The Desert Island Investor?

The Desert Island Investor podcast is a series of podcasts that document the experiences and strategies of private investor Mark Atkinson. Mark's long-term investments have enabled him to become financially independent and to retire at the comparatively early age of 53.

The stocks that Mark reviews on this channel are from his real portfolio and not a 'virtual' portfolio, so these are genuine win-some, lose-some stories.

We hope that you'll also enjoy our regular feature 'Question in a Bottle' where Mark answers listeners' questions about investing.