Rabbit Hole Stories

Today’s episode is the first four-person episode on Rabbit Hole Stories. We couldn’t be more excited to have Charlie Mackenzie and Jason Deane from the Bitcoin Racing team on.

We spoke about their rabbit hole stories, what got them into Bitcoin, how it was the only solution for Charlie’s family, and what Bitcoin Racing’s vision is. 

On that note, we spoke about a few sponsors, events, and future plans. Please make sure to check the links in the section below. 

You can follow Charlie on his Twitter: https://twitter.com/charlie21fastaf

You can follow Jason on his Twitter: https://twitter.com/JasonADeane

And you can follow Bitcoin Racing on their Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitcoin_racing

You can follow us on Twitter (@rabbitholetales), check out our website (https://rabbitholestories.co/), or send us an email (show@rabbitholestories.co)


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What is Rabbit Hole Stories?

🎙️ This podcast is about ple₿'s and their Bitcoin Rabbit Hole Stories.

We're interested to hear all the different reasons someone got on board. You'll often hear different opinions, discussions, and topics. However, we all have one thing in common.

Making the world a better place with Bitcoin 🧡