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It's the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and we're still facing some of the same issues we were then. But things have also changed for the better and there is hope. Jerry Yudelson, author, engineer and one of the organizers of the very first Earth Day puts it all in perspective.

Show Notes

 Today on The Premise Chad and Jeniffer talk to Jerry Yudelson about his role in the first Earth Day, his newest book, "The Godfather of Green", and how we can look to other cultures and even the past to create solutions for now and the future. Jerry is a Harvard and Cal Tech educated civil and environmental engineer and the author of 14 books on global green building and sustainable design. He reminds us that small things we do can make a difference, and also of the progress we've made, despite what we're seeing that seems to be to the contrary. This episode has some amusing anecdotes about the 1970's, and early environmentalism, and reminds us that there is hope and not all is lost.

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