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It’s time to wake up to your life. 
It’s time to count your Mondays. 
Here to tell us more about it is Jodi Wellman. Jodi is a motivational speaker, author, and Founder of Four Thousand Mondays. Her upcoming book called, You Only Die Once: How to Make It to the End with No Regrets is a “live like you mean it” book.  
Join the conversation as we dive into Jodi’s story, which includes her time at Penn in the Positive Psychology Program and her thoughts on the infamous bucket list. She also unpacks the concept behind Four Thousand Mondays and delves into living wider and deeper, understanding the “give and take” ebb and flow of life. 
Be sure to tune in to hear more about attacking your Mondays with insightful advice, including practical action steps and much more! 
Key Points From This Episode:
•   .Jodi’s thoughts on the infamous bucket list.
•   The concept behind Four Thousand Mondays.
•   Paradigm shift: death bed regrets as a motivation to do the hard things.
“My mission is for us to wake the F up to life.” — Jodi Wellman 
“Challenge is built into the good life — The good life does not exist, in my mind, without having the problems and foibles that life gives us. It’s the salt that has to be there with the sweet.” — Jodi Wellman 
“The number one [action] step always, always, always is to count your Mondays.” — Jodi Wellman 
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