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On the Reverend Hunter Podcast, Tony Jones talks to Murphy Robinson, a trans-masculine, pagan huntress, who takes spirit journeys to talk with the deer they've killed.

Show Notes

Tony's guest this time is Murphy Robinson, a trans-masculine, pagan huntress. They discuss identities, being an animist, talking to trees and deer when they're alive, taking spirit journeys to deer when they're dead, living in a tiny house, the prayer before a hunt, trance work, the Norse goddess SkaĆ°i, and more. Find Murphy at This episode is brought to you by Walton's and their Meatgistics podcast. :

What is The Reverend Hunter Podcast?

Outdoorsman and theologian Tony Jones sits down with fascinating people who find transcendence in their outdoors experiences. Hunters and anglers, hikers and kayakers, talk about how they connect to the divine, and to themselves, as they pursue their passions. The conversations are at turns poignant and humorous, illuminating and inspiring. If your spirituality is connected to the outdoors, this is the podcast for you.