Last Session of the Day with The Psych Guys

Today the psych guys discuss how time is perceived, and illustrate how you can utilize this knowledge and understanding of time to your advantage to get the most out of this precious commodity.

What is Last Session of the Day with The Psych Guys?

Two therapists walk into a bar. You get to listen, but with better audio.

The Psych Guys are here to dig into the questions everyone is wondering but no one is willing to ask out loud. Join Lukin Center therapist Timothy Meyer and founder Dr. Konstantin Lukin to glean practical tips and insights that will help you expand your understanding of yourself, therapy, and the world around you.

Listen in on fresh takes on topics in cutting-edge neuroscience to witty exchanges on relationships, gender, modern life, and more. Whether you have questions about what your therapist is thinking during therapy sessions, how to navigate a mid-life crisis, or how to not feel depressed during Daylight Savings Time, the Psych Guys are ready to get real and discuss the down-and-dirty truths about therapy.