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Jordan Small (NZUS Council executive director) talks with Ambassador Derek Shearer about the Democratic Party's presidential primary process, the response to authoritarian nations in data governance, and the content of his New Zealand speaking tour later next year.

Show Notes

This week on the Friday Download podcast host Jordan Small has a fascinating discussion with guest co-host Ambassador Derek Shearer where he provides: 

  • An insider's view on the Democratic Party's presidential primary contest and of course the ever dominating impeachment process. 
  • Thoughts on the contest between authoritarian states, such as Chinese and Russian, and liberal democracies on the use and deployment of advanced technologies such as AI. 
  • And a teaser of Derek's 2020 New Zealand speaking tour and what he describes as one of the most 'consequential and important elections' of all time for the US and the global system.

Please excuse a few sound quality issues that we can put down to the vagaries of the internet.  

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