The Awesome Gnome Letter

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I had a unique experience recently. I was in a group of people enjoying their hobby. All of a sudden, the discussion started talking about a hobby I hold dear to me. They were discussing World of Warcraft. How crazy it is that people make YouTube videos and stream it. The tone of the conversation was perplexion, but with a hefty side of critique. One member of this group then proceeded to talk about how others don't enjoy the craft they enjoy.

I am not out to make anyone feel bad for a conversation. It did make me think about times I've critiqued what others enjoy. Hearing people talk about WoW in this regard kind of me made me feel inferior at the moment. Not everyone will enjoy what I enjoy, but there is plenty of room for people to engage in different hobbies. Maybe if someone asked me why I enjoy my interest, I could tell them----though I do have 126 episodes exploring why I love my hobby.

This week, let's do as Dr. Stephen Covey says, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood."

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