Team Up! Team-based primary and community care in action

Show Notes

That’s a wrap! We finish Season 3 of TeamUP with some reflections on the topics covered and talk about next steps for TeamUP.
Also, the BC Team-Based Care Advisory Committee is setting up a way to help address your questions on how to do team based care better.
First you can search the website for useful resources at

And now, if you don’t see an answer, then reach out to with your specific question.

While you are there you can sign up for TeamUP Webinars, which will be ongoing this year.

Thank you to all our guests on this season you made the season so much fun!

We are looking forward to diving into planning Season 4 of the podcast and it will be coming out early next year. 

-- Sarah and Morgan

Creators & Guests

Morgan Price
Sarah Fletcher

What is Team Up! Team-based primary and community care in action?

A podcast that brings together primary care providers, healthcare planners, patients, innovators and others to talk about the changes that are happening in primary care in British Columbia.