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It’s common for many in business, much more creative entrepreneurs who have built their solopreneurship around their personal brands, to be overwhelmed at the many things that could and should be done to grow their business.

Show Notes

In this episode, I speak with Zach Hesterberg; a Sales Process Consultant who helps successful, owner-operated businesses increase profits while decreasing overwhelm. The pioneer of the “Lever Pulling Method” boasts of an $100k+ increase in revenue in as little as 8 weeks.

Zach is a good friend and colleague who I’ve used as a Facebook ads expert partner working for some of my clients at Verhaal Brand Design when he was just building his business. More recently, I engaged him to help launch my Brand Design Masters Guild mastermind and it was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

We discuss:
  • His career backstory and how he landed his current role as a Sales Process Consultant from his roots as a Facebook ads expert
  • What he does as a Sales Process Consultant, who his market is, and how he helps them
  • How he approaches engagements with the analogy of a doctor diagnosing patients and offering prescriptions
  • What he calls “Opportunity Diagnoses” and how these are met with “Profit Prescriptions” that serve as a guide on how to implement the solution
  • His hands-on approach that assures his clients take action to implement the strategies he identifies
  • His “Lever Pulling Method” and how it speaks of his service of avoiding being overwhelmed by identifying and pulling the one specific lever that will make the biggest difference in sales and revenue 
  • How he accumulated the knowledge and skill set of problem-solving for a wide range of businesses
  • Learning from and getting certified by Marketing Consultant Frank Kern
  • Getting sales process coaching from Taylor Welch and Chris Evans’ Traffic and Funnels
  • Best practices on his website that was put in place to specifically to secure conversions
  • His use of direct and personal messaging that breaks through the noise 
  • How he markets himself through engagements, connections, and giving free value
  • His experience of taking on various internships to learn the ropes of social media marketing and how he eventually started his business from his college dorm room
  • Marketing trends he thinks people should be paying attention to 
  • Donald Trump being a good marketer because he knows how to command attention by being controversial
  • His personal mantra rooted in faith

Mentioned in this episode:
Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant and Copywriter Frank Kern: 
Taylor Welch and Chris Evans’ Traffic and Funnels: 

To connect with Zach, head on over to his Facebook: 

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