Chicks with Dice Podcast

Now we're getting somewhere! 

Check out the Ascended Court, a new campaign for Monster of the Week here

The theme song for Chicks with Dice's Lesbians Guide to the Apocalypse is "My Mommy Dom Spit In My Mouth and Now I'm a Commie" by Over My Dead Name. Find them on Bandcamp here

Erin Cotter (they/them) as Euphrema Naylor (she/her)
Erika Belsaas (any/all) as Riley Knutsen (she/her)
Emma Hyslop ( Shrug emoji pronouns  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) as Bev (pronouns only if you have to) 
Kathleen Hyslop (it/she) 
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What is Chicks with Dice Podcast?

Join the Chicks with Dice crew as they tell long- and short-form narratives through roleplaying games!