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Episode 37 features Raf Dionisio, founder of MAD Travel and now MAD Market with MAD standing for Make A Difference.

Show Notes

In this time of massive change and pandemic-related disruption, we keep hearing about the need to pivot, to adapt. My next guest, Raf Dionisio, has done just that and in record time too! When his core businesses in travel and tourism got hit hard early this year when the travel restrictions started, he quickly worked to shift his focus to supplying essential food sourced from the same farms and communities he's been working with for MAD Travel, his travel and tours company. Out of that came the pivot to MAD Market, where instead of promoting tours, he's now been actively promoting products including fresh vegetables, forest honey and more!

When I first met Raf a couple of years ago when we both guested on Senator Bam Aquino's radio show, I immediately admired his passion as a social entrepreneur and his dedication to sustainable tourism. It's great to finally be able to talk more at length about his journey, the spark that led to his foray into sustainability, and the lessons learned along the way. Check out MAD Market and follow Raf on IG @rafdionisio.

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