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Do you know that you are LIMITLESS? That Expansion and Freedom are your DIVINE Birthright? When you truly anchor into the energy of being LIMITLESS, anything is possible! You are not your circumstances - you have Free Will - and as Creators of the Universe, we create everything in our reality. Whether you like what it looks like or not. Listen on for some potent Truth!

Show Notes

Welcome, Cosmic Souls, to another episode of Disruptive Consciousness!

In this episode, I'm discussing what it TRULY means to be LIMITLESS. To be Free. To be Expansive.

As a Virgo Sun and Virgo Stellium (hello Earthly grounded energy LOL) this is something I've really struggled a lot with - DESPITE the fact that I *KNOW* that we are all Infinite Beings of Source Consciousness and that we ARE the Universe having a Human Experience.

Despite this, my Virgo ass has struggled a lot to truly lean into EXPANSIVENESS - and this has been a HUGE learning and transformational curve for me.

To just - let go.

Sure, I took a leap of faith when I left my marriage 4 years ago with no money, no job, a young 3 year old daughter and a brand new business. But I trusted in my VISION - that I wanted a better life and that I couldn't spread my wings to the full extent if I remained in that relationship.

So, I leapt.

We ALL have Free Will. We are ALL Creators of the Universe - we CREATE our own realities. Now, this isn't a podcast about the BORING AS FUCK book & film, The Secret, that "spiritual teachers" like to push as some gospel on Law of Attraction and Manifestation.

The Secret is kindergarten level when it comes to Manifestation.

This podcast episode is about YOU seeing YOU as the Creator.

As the entire fucking Universe!

That you get to choose limitless expansion - or not.

You cannot sit there and moan about your circumstances, your experiences, the time it's taking to do XYX or the fact you had a shitty childhood (yes, that is one massive Truth Bomb right there, and I know it'll be painful for some to hear, but Truth IS Medicine) - YOU CREATED EVERYTHING.

Your Soul chose everything before coming Earth Side.

Your Higher Consciousness chose THE BEST LAUNCHPAD for your growth before you came Earth Side.


We can ALL be limitless.

It is our DIVINE Birthright after all.

To be limitless. To be free. To be expansive. To be abundant.

That is our Birthright.

But we have to WANT it for ourselves. To realise that we have Free Will to create WHATEVER we desire and that NOTHING is off limits.

Nothing is.

Because we ARE the Universe.

And you are one powerful fucking Being, Cosmic Soul!


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Leanne Juliette is a Shamanic High Priestess, Pioneering Healer, Disruptor & Powerful Catalyst for Revolutionary Self-Transformation & Healing which creates a tsunami effect of Freedom, Expansion, Self-Evolution & Illumination across all areas of your life.

She is a Shamanic Guide for those undergoing a Spiritual Death & Rebirth and her unique Magick is focussed around Destruction & Creation Energetics.

Focussing on powerful Self-Transformation, Regeneration & Healing at the Energetic Root - in the most illogical & nonsensical manner - this is High Magick.

Her Medicine is Truth.


Leanne Juliette's Medicine is powerful, direct and potently activating Truth which goes to the ENERGETIC ROOT of who you are as a Divine Being - Multidimensionally - thus creating a Tsunami Effect of Revolutionary Transformation, Quantum Healing & Higher Dimensional Consciousness Activations within you - instantaneously.
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What is Leanne Juliette?

Welcome to the podcast with your host, Leanne Juliette, powerful Catalyst, Shamanic High Priestess & Creator of Disruptive Consciousness.

I am pure fucking magic and carry powerful Galactic Medicine.

This is a Cosmic Playground for Disruptive Consciousness, Multidimensionality, Magic, Mysticism & Higher Frequency Consciousness.

This podcast is dedicated to those seeking powerful Self-Transformation, Healing, Regeneration & Freedom through Truth.

Potent fucking Truth.

Self-Transformation in the most nonsensical & illogical manner - because this is the Realm of High Magic.

Where there are no rules & no limitations.

Where we ARE the Creators of the Universe.

I am a Shamanic High Priestess and a powerful Catalyst for Destruction & Creation Energetics.

A bridge between dimensions.

One who plays in the dark, murky depths of the psyche and the Hidden Realms of the Shadows and who also swims with the stars in the Cosmos.

A Galactic Channel.

A Pioneer for Revolutionary Transformation & Disruptive Consciousness.

The Queen of the Underworld herself and Illuminator of Darkness.

I don't fuck around.

Dis-spelling Illusion wherever I go - seeing beyond the Veil of Illusion - and bringing Truth to the surface.

My Truth is Medicine to your Soul.

Powerful, disruptive & highly fucking activating Truth which penetrates the Shadows & the Illusions and invites you to step into your Higher Consciousness with me.

To reclaim your Divine Blueprint & your Freedom.

This podcast is here to DISRUPT you. To take you on a deeply shamanic journey with me into Magick, Mysticism, Multidimensionality and the Hidden Realms of the Shadows.

To expand your Consciousness by disrupting it.

Welcome to the podcast, Cosmic Souls, I’m excited to journey with you!


You can discover more about working deeper with Leanne Juliette at: https://www.leannejuliette.com.

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