Missouri Humanities

Space settlement is rapidly becoming ever more likely. Will it look like the utopian vision of Star Trek? Or the dark future of Star Wars? Can our earthly ways thrive in the cosmos? For the first episode of this new season, we are thrilled to be able to share with you a previously recorded program from Missouri Humanities. On Feb 17th, 2024, Missouri Humanities held their Keynote Event for the year’s signature series at the James S McDonnell Planetarium in St Louis, the perfect setting for this conversation featuring St. Louis Public Radio’s Elaine Cha and Dr. Erika Nesvold, astrophysicist and author of "Off Earth: Ethical Questions and Quandaries for Living in Outer Space."

What is Missouri Humanities ?

Missouri Humanities' 2024 Signature Series, "Missouri Marvels: Humanities, Discovery, and Innovation" considers our state’s role in the intricate relationship between discovery, innovation, and the human experience. This season, we will explore the possibilities of human progress and cultural evolution. We'll journey through history to showcase Missouri trailblazers and technological advancements, illuminate the transformative power of discovery and innovation, and navigate the complexities and challenges of an ever-changing world. Join us as we consider how imagination, ingenuity, and the humanities can build empathy and create a more just, inclusive, and human-centered future that positively impacts families, communities, and the environment.

Season 1, "Eat, THINK, & Be Merry: Missouri's Foodways and Edible History"
Season 2, "Roots & Routes: The Movement and Settlement of Missourians"

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