I Hear Things

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On this week's I Hear Things, Tom excavates the bones of ALL the podcasts he has "podfaded," and talks about why he stopped them, and what he learned as a serial killer...um...of podcasts

Show Notes

Most of the podcasts I talk about are found on the Podcasts page of my website: https://tomwebster.media/podcasts/

You'll have to go to Spotify for Deep Six: https://open.spotify.com/show/0ZeM4Zf9RVknahbM4gk8dS?si=NS9ME2l1TzyPa6l2e_rIIg&dl_branch=1

And I rescued the Mitch Joel episode of The Friday Five here: https://soundcloud.com/tomwebster/mitch-joel-on-2013-05-24-at-0803output

What is I Hear Things?

A weekly perspective on the business of audio, including podcasting, smart audio, streaming music, social audio, and everything else you stick in your earballs. Hosted by 20+ year audio veteran Tom Webster, SVP of Edison Research.