Fatherhood Unlocked with Dan Doty

In this heart exploding episode, our Guest Jonathan Ingram bravely recounts his story of growing up in severe poverty, the radical self ownership that led him out of it, and the devastating blow of losing his son. Jonathan’s tale gives sobering clarity about what truly matters. His story changed me and how I show up for my kids. 

Jonathan has spent the better part of his conscious life seeking awe in the wild places of the world. He is an experienced facilitator, having spent the past 17 years helping management teams and governing bodies solve large-scale community challenges. In 2020, Jonathan’s three-year old Oscar died in a terrible accident. Jonathan knows the burden of strength this experience requires. The anger, the shame, and overwhelming despair.  He also knows, through hard-earned lessons, that love, community, human connection, and gratitude are required on the healing path. His calling is to help create these conditions for other grieving fathers.


What is Fatherhood Unlocked with Dan Doty?

Fatherhood is the biggest rite of passage in a man’s life, and our biggest opportunity to grow up, wake up, and to learn who you actually are. This podcast is intended to be a lightning rod to call men to action, to create community, and to set a new tone and standard for what fatherhood means.