Jewish Inspiration Podcast · Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe

In preparation for the upcoming festival of Shavuos, the TORCH Rabbis and Podcasters gathered together in the magnificent TORCH Centre to discuss the upcoming days of holiness and connection with our creator! Each of us shared an idea about Shavuos and how to make the most of this powerful holiday. If you want to experience a convivial, collegial, conversation about Pesach with the Podcasters of TORCH, now is your chance.

Featured in this episode: Rabbi Yaakov Nagel, Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe, Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe, Rabbi Chaim Bucsko and TORCH President, Dan Kullman.


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Recorded in the TORCH Centre - Studio B  on May 21,  2023, in Houston, Texas.
Released as Podcast on May 22,  2023
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What is Jewish Inspiration Podcast · Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe?

This Jewish Inspiration Podcast is dedicated to learning, understanding and enhancing our relationship with Hashem by working on improving our G-d given soul traits and aspiring to reflect His holy name each and every day. The goal is for each listener to hear something inspirational with each episode that will enhance their life.