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Mike Rothschild is a journalist covering internet culture, politics and conspiracy theories.
His latest book, The Storm is Upon Us, covers a very recent conspiracy theory—QAnon. Ever heard of it? If you aren’t familiar, prepare to have your mind blown or at least boggled.

Show Notes

Mark is an expert on the wacky world of conspiracies and bunk science, but his background is in theater, which is apropos since today’s conspiracies are absolutely theater! He tells Jeniffer how his interest in conspiracy theories all started with Art Bell’s late night radio show and just grew from there. They do a deep dive into the QAnon conspiracy, what it’s all about, where it started, the true believers that support and promote it, and just how dangerous this absolutely bats**t crazy conspiracy has become. 

Creators & Guests

Jeniffer Thompson
Writer. Reader. Interviewer. Cohost of The Premise Podcast. I help authors build brands + websites. Cofounder of the San Diego Writers Festival. Chicken-mama.
Mike Rothschild
Mike Rothschild is a journalist, researcher, expert witness, subject matter expert, speaker, and debunker of conspiracy theories and fringe beliefs.

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