Gap Sell Keenan

Live sales pitch and coaching sessions
Gap Selling Keenan - Real, live sales calls
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The best sales discovery calls keep looking for problems to solve. Business problem solving is the key to making the sale because if your potential customer can’t see that they have a problem, then they won’t be interested in your proposed solution. 

Know exactly what problems you solve with your product or service and go from there. As you ask questions, pay close attention to the ways in which your potential customer’s business may overlap with what you’re offering. 

In Gap Sell Keenan, if they can find a problem that ASG has that their service or product solves, I will buy. If not, I get to coach them.

What is Gap Sell Keenan?

A REAL, LIVE sales call where a salesperson tries to Gap Sell Keenan their product or service. If A Sales Growth Company or Keenan has a problem they can solve, he will buy it! This is a DOPE sales training opportunity! Keenan provides on the spot feedback to help the salesperson throughout the discovery.