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Bishop Derrick McRae, Senior Pastor at The Experience Christian Center in Orlando, Florida sits down with Erin and Doug to share insights on how churches can better integrate with their communities and meet their needs. He touches on the importance of approaching community integration with a humble posture. Bishop McCrae also highlights the need for churches to develop relationships and partnerships with government officials and other organizations to effectively meet community needs. He encourages churches to have a clear vision and value proposition for their outreach efforts and to actively involve their congregation in outreach activities. Additionally, he stresses the importance of trusting in God rather than political outcomes.

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00:00 Introduction and the Church's Role in Communities
02:13 Integrating with the Community: Approaching with Humility and Listening
05:02 Developing Relationships and Partnerships for Effective Outreach
08:24 Creating a Clear Vision and Value Proposition for Outreach
22:43 Navigating Politics in the Church: Trusting in God

What is Intentional Churches Podcast?

Church Leader, shift your focus from mere institutional insights to individual transformation. Be intentional. Join hosts Doug Parks (CEO and Co-Founder of Intentional Churches) and Erin Johnston (Co-Executive Pastor of Canyon Ridge Christian Church) as they share weekly thought-provoking discussions and actionable takeaways that will resource you to help your people encounter Jesus. Take the step toward authentic discipleship of your congregation so you can mobilize the ninety-nine to reach the one.