Let's Watch It Again - A Movie Review Podcast

Join host Rob Lee and guest Aaron Brown as they dive into the thrilling world of the 1991 Keanu Reeves flick, Point Break. In this exhilarating podcast episode, they explore the action-packed story of a gang of bank robbers who don masks of ex-Presidents while committing crimes. With the F.B.I. suspecting that the robbers are surfers, young Agent Johnny Utah is sent undercover to infiltrate the surfing community and gather crucial information. As Utah becomes entangled in the captivating lifestyle of his new friend, Bodhi, they discuss the film's themes of adrenaline, friendship, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. Prepare to catch the wave of excitement as they analyze the thrilling moments and enduring appeal of Point Break.

Creators & Guests

Rob Lee
Rob Lee is a cultural curator & podcaster from Baltimore, Maryland.
Aaron Brown
A Baltimore-based cultural producer, creative consultant, and polymath.

What is Let's Watch It Again - A Movie Review Podcast?

Welcome to "Let's Watch It Again" with your host Rob Lee! Get ready to rediscover cinematic gems on a whole new level. Join Rob as he guides you through iconic films, uncovering layers of meaning, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and the enduring impact they've had on pop culture. Whether you're a devoted film buff or simply seeking enjoyable insights, Rob's dynamic commentary will make you see these classics in a fresh light. Tune in and relive the magic of the movies with "Let's Watch It Again"!