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Marty Gallagher is an author, powerlifter, trainer, and coach. 

Bearing nicknames such as the “Iron Monk”, the “Carefree Psychotic”, and the “Hibernian Hulk” (okay…I just made that last one up!) Marty is one of those rare specimens around whom legends are formed. 

A champion powerlifter before the age of twenty, Marty has spent the entirety of his career (spanning over five decades) improving his technique, refining his philosophy, teaching the fundamentals, and making everyone around him not only dramatically stronger, but significantly smarter. 

He is the author of The Purposeful Primitive (available for purchase on Amazon) as well as thousands of excellent articles on a variety of themes. 

In this episode, we discuss: 

How one becomes an “Iron Monk”; Willful disengagement from society, If we should all detach from our (debased) culture; The shortcomings of the “modern man”; Dostoyevsky and Russian literature; Memories of Arkansas and home-style cooking; His daily routine; Strength training only once per week; How to become stronger; Radical physical transformation; The four tenets of fitness; Mindfulness at the gym; The creative writing process; Training elite, “Tier 1” American soldiers, and MUCH more! 

Marty’s Stuff: 

You can purchase Marty’s book, “The Purposeful Primitive” through this link:

You can visit his website Iron Company, on which he has a column entitled “Raw with Marty Gallagher”: 

As you might’ve guessed, Marty abstains from all social media! (an abstention we might all do well to imitate)

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