Moments in Leadership

Introducing Moments in Leadership, an initial overview of the podcast and background on host David B. Armstrong

Show Notes

I'm the host of the podcast, David B. Armstrong and in this initial episode, I provide some quick background for context and answer the first question everyone will have, "Why are you even starting this?". Through a quick story, I'll explain why I think moments we all experience serve to crystalize lessons learned which ultimately string together to form our own unique leadership styles - and it is these moments and lessons that I seek to hear from my guests in the form of their own stories.  

What is Moments in Leadership?

Moments in Leadership is a podcast where you will hear firsthand about the careers of senior military leaders as they share their own unique and individual experiences. Moments in Leadership will immerse you in real-life stories where you will learn about the challenging situations these accomplished leaders faced and discover the lessons they learned early in their careers that were the most influential to developing their overall leadership style.