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As we continue to edge toward graduation and internship season, we felt there could not be a more fitting guest to join BJ on the podcast than our latest co-op, Isabella Damasceno. 
Isabella is currently a third-year student at Drexel University, pursuing a dual major in marketing and business analytics. 
Join us as we dive into details surrounding Isabella’s co-op program and how the process of matching students with co-op programs works. She shared her thoughts on how her program helped her figure out what she does and doesn’t want in her future career. 
Tune in to hear what students like her are looking for from a professional environment and the differences she noticed in her expectations versus the reality of working. 
Enjoy the episode!
Key Points From This Episode:
•   The recruiting process works to match students with co-ops.
•   How her co-op experiences have helped her figure out what she wants (and doesn't want) to do in her future career. 
•   Expectations versus experience: marketing in the engineering industry at MCFA.
“I think when you are introduced to something that you don’t know anything [about], you can either really hate it and be really intimidated or you can be inspired and motivated.” — Isabella Damasceno 
“I think, a lot of what I learned [in my co-op] was hands-on. And a lot of what I learned was [from] words. From just asking questions and talking to people.” — Isabella Damasceno 
“With every mistake that you make, you [also] learn from it.” — Isabella Damasceno 
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