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Paul "Roscoe" White is a retired 21-year Air Force veteran with over 1500 hours as a tactical flight instructor in the F-15E, F-16, and F-35. He believes anyone can be a champion in life with the right direction and work ethic.

In this episode, Paul shares his experiences transitioning from a middle position in the enlisted ranks to a flying officer. He opens up about the challenges faced during impactful deployments, the difficulties of divorcing one's work identity from personal life, and the risk of losing oneself in demanding career roles. 

Paul also highlights the significance of setting a good example for children and being mindful of one's behaviour in their presence. He shares personal stories, emphasising how negative behaviour can influence children and the importance of sacrifice and effort in maintaining a strong marriage.

Additionally, Paul discusses mindset and its role in skill development. He suggests utilising mindfulness, meditation, and visualisation techniques to unlock the power of mindset and achieve personal goals.

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