Fire the Canon

Happy Thursday! This week Rachel, Jackie, and Bekah wrap up Pride Month with a bang. The gang keeps it lesbian and discuss the life and times (what little is known about them) of Sappho, the Ancient Greek "Poetess" whose works have survived for nearly 2500 years and are still being discovered and discussed. She was also probably at least somewhat if not very gay! Rachel hates Bekah's cats. Bekah could probably get away with drilling through most of a person before anyone notices.  Jackie gives a rodent CPR.

Topics include: a totally real, heterosexual husband; the Alexandria Library of Fire; "This One's for the Girls" by Martina McBride, mole confusion, murder cats, spoiled rotten cats, Hot Garth Summer, the Lil' Wayne of Ancient Greece, r/SapphoAndHerFriend, dentistry secrets,, and a rap-reimagining of a popular children's song.

Poems discussed:
Ode to Aphrodite:
Fragment 31 - translations by Lord Byron, Lord Tennyson, Anne Carson
Fragment 94
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What is Fire the Canon?

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